Company Profile

Our Company was founded in 1977, located in Sukabumi, a small town in West Java, Indonesia.It is start by Mrs. Juliawati Tanuwidjaya as a small home industry, then after 30 years of development, Liza Christina Garment Industry has become large-scale garment industry, which produces girl's dresses, boy's garment and ladies garment.

Our production plant area occupies 12000 m2, production capacity 75000 pcs/week, with production lead time 4 week from cutting to shipment, and engaging over 500 employees. We serving both local and export market with percentage 15% local market and 83% export market.

Lectra Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Lectra Laser Cutting Computer Machine : 1 unit
Rich Peace Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Gerber Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Computerized Embroidered Machine : 20 units
Niddle Detector : 2 units
Overdeck Machine : 45 units
Sewing High Speed Machines :1160 units
Fabric Control Machine : 3 units
Light Box UV Machine : 1 unit

EPSON Digital Printing : 3 units

Transmatic Pressing Machine :  1 unit

Improve Management System
Our frame of general management system is cover the management of the cost, capital, budget, stocking, human recources, dicipline and production efficiency. Our management system not only can well organize the staff, but also can reduce the cost and improve company’s efficiency. At the same time also makes contribution to the company in creating a good image.

Human Resources
Liza Christina Garment Industry has highly qualified staff and workers who are standardized with morality, intelligence, ability and works, and we always to solid team work. To be able to follow the changes in situation, we always advancing our knowledge, skill and spirit by held training and seminar for our employee. Experts are invited to lecture on both management and production process.

Processing Services
Committed to providing a high quality product, we are supported by:

Experience Designers
Our designers are very experienced in their field and always keep their designs unique and up to date.

Solid Team Work Between Department
Stars from marketing department which jobs in include deciding the design and material according to the buyer’s need, negotiating price and delivery timework side by side with the purchasing department to get a good quality material after the jobs are ready delivered it to PPIC team, then working together with production team to monitor the order until they ready to delivered.

Increase In Production Capacity
Our production capacity 75000 pieces/week. And keep on increasing year by year with lead-time production from 4 weeks from cutting to shipment. In order to maintain the capacity and lead-time of our production, we are supported by a modern technology. To make the pattern, we are using computerized pattern system from Lectra and Gerber Technology, to cut the fabrics we are using automatic cutting and laser cut computerized machine Lectra Vector 5000 we also have 1160 High Speed Sewing Machine.We also have our own embroidery department to support our product already using computerized embroidery machine. At this moment we have 20 units Computer Embroidery Machine.

Excellence Quality Control
Our experienced QA and QC team always check the before, during, and after production to make sure the good are delivered in good condition.We also make sure that our production is safe from any left metal partition by checking the garments under metal detector machine, in a secure area, to prevent them mix with good product.

Export and Import Department
Complementing our objective to serve the international market, we have a highly qualified export and import team who always make sure the good are delivered to the buyer’s required address on time, and in comets quantity.
We have import facilities - priority custom clearance - for fabric and accessories are used to be export product.Export Department prepare shipment a month before shipment date such as vessel schedule, estimate packing list, layout to fit container. we process export documents immediately after shipment and send to buyer on time. We have good relationship with international forwarder to support our shipment such as Kuehne and Nagel, Maersk Logistic, Solex Express, DHL-Danzaz and UPS SCS.

Social Responsibility
In order to support government’s problem, also to give a better life for the community around it’s area, Liza Christina Garment Industry always give donation for education facility such as building school and scholarship program for poor children.A course for people who would like to be a sewing operator and so on.

Future Plan
Consistent to the commitment of excellent quality competitive price and prompt delivery, we are ready expanding our distribution to the whole country in Asia, Australia, America, Canada, Middle East and Africa.

Liza Christina Garment Industry has been successfully serving numerous leading retailers, fashion brands, and so on, just to name a few …..Okaidi, Mother Care, Jacadi, NKP, Phildar, Growing Up - USA, S.Oliver, Chouche, Vision Land, Red Hot, Li&Fung, Gymboree

Europe : 25%
United States : 5%
Local (Indonesia) : 45%
Australia : 10%
Middle East : 10%
Others : 10%

See graphic chart belows for details..

Jl. Selabintana Km. 3,5 No.41
Sukabumi 43151
West Java - Indonesia
Phone +62-266-221426
Fax. +62-266-224672
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