Factory & Manufactured Process

Our Company was founded in 1977, located in Sukabumi, a small town in West Java, Indonesia.It is start by Mrs. Juliawati Tanuwidjaya as a small home industry, then after 30 years of development, Liza Christina Garment Industry has become large-scale garment industry, which produces girl's dresses, boy's garment and ladies garment.Our production plant area occupies 12000 m2, production capacity 75000 pcs/week, with production lead time 4 week from cutting to shipment, and engaging over 1500 employees.

We serving both local and export market with percentage 15% local market and 83% export market.

Lectra Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Lectra Laser Cutting Computer Machine : 1 unit
Rich Peace Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Gerber Pattern Making Machine : 1 unit
Computerized Embroidered Machine : 20 units
Niddle Detector : 2 units
Overdeck Machine : 45 units
Sewing High Speed Machines :1160 units
Fabric Control Machine : 3 units
Light Box UV Machine : 1 unit

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Factory & Manufactured Process

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